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Hi, I'm Adam

I think intention is our greatest superpower. CEO ArcadeSchool. Board President of Barbershop Books. StartingBloc Fellow NY'16 | altMBA Coach | Proud HBCU Alum - I Snap Add me!

About Adam Thomas

Adam thinks self-awareness, direction, and execution create the foundation of great leadership.

He started gaining this experience through being a consistent self-starter, building his startup, The Gamer Studio, as it's chief engineer and executive.

After selling the business, Adam went to the corporate world as a mainframe systems programmer.

He spent five years taking the skills he gathered running his own business and applied them as intrapreneur within the corporate structure. This led to leading a few new initiatives for the Core Infrastructre Group. It was during this time he started to note the lessons he learned and wrote about them in the Life as Usual Blog, where he writes daily.

Leaving the job in 2016, Adam coached a round of altMBA, became a StartingBloc fellow, and completed the HBX Program @ Harvard Business School. He did that while reengaging in the startup world, first helping newer startups with direction and then creating one of his own, where he currently resides as the CEO.

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