Ten Things To Remember

The reality is…

  • You aren’t as good or bad as you think you are
  • Good work takes time to develop
  • The best find ways to get better
  • Every moment is a gift
  • Stress is manageable
  • Sometimes we need a gut punch to let us know “it’s real.”
  • Our phones are distractions
  • Paying someone can be much cheaper than doing it
  • Your closest friends will hate to see you change
  • You need to find some fun today

Make A Choice

Make less.

Work more.

The art of craft is repetition.

Craft is essential because it creates a foundation for a maker to achieve consistency.

You can’t build “craft” in multiple areas at once.

You have to choose.

Here is something to aspire to in 2018 –

How might we remove one hobby, relationship, or activity to focus on the “boring” work in one we want to master?


Structure matters

Every once in a while I’ll get a reminder of how less is more.

Sometimes they hurt. Sometimes they don’t.

Most of the time, it pops in, wrapped in the disguise of fear of missing out (FOMO).

FOMO is a trick, designed to keep you stagnant. It’s a risk-averse way of thinking. If you don’t commit to something, you won’t miss anything.

Being super flexible isn’t a feature, its a bug – with no structure at all you’ll hold nothing.

Have You Prepared For Pushback?

Feedback grows “us.”

Hearing no, or that is wrong, or it isn’t enough hurts.

So, for us to take it, we’ve got to keep it together and expect the hurt.

When we know it, we can manage our ego.

One of the ways I love to ask myself is

“am I finished yet?” or

“is this the best I want to be?”

If I am in the same place I am today at the end of the year, I’ve failed. Feedback moves the needle forward.

Go With Weird

I find myself “stuck” on the idea of having two choices.

Even though the world is a complex, complicated, and messy place, when making a decision, I often simplify. When I do, it goes right to the “best practice” of whatever I’m doing.

Being reductive isn’t always a bad thing. If we consciously thought of every possible decision, we’d never make one. Even getting out of bed could be a complication proposition.

Don’t want to waste time.

I do, however, lose out on opportunities if I don’t consider “other” when I have time to do so.  When time isn’t so delicate, there is more of a chance to dance with “weird” and take a risk.

Not everything is a time crunch.