Close Strong

New chapters happen all the time

However, for them to start from a good “base camp” it is imperative that we do what we can to end the current strong.

How might you finish strong today?

Make It A Point

New people are exciting

But they won’t be at your funeral.

The minute you aren’t useful, they will move on.

They are new.

Make it a point to put time on your schedule to hang out with the people who have always been there.

In fact, do it after you read this post. I am sure the old gang can’t wait to hear from you.


When is the last time you’ve taken someone to coffee?

Then, helped?

What was the result?

We build community through listening actively, sometimes over the simplest of pretenses.



Ten Things To Remember

The reality is…

  • You aren’t as good or bad as you think you are
  • Good work takes time to develop
  • The best find ways to get better
  • Every moment is a gift
  • Stress is manageable
  • Sometimes we need a gut punch to let us know “it’s real.”
  • Our phones are distractions
  • Paying someone can be much cheaper than doing it
  • Your closest friends will hate to see you change
  • You need to find some fun today

Make A Choice

Make less.

Work more.

The art of craft is repetition.

Craft is essential because it creates a foundation for a maker to achieve consistency.

You can’t build “craft” in multiple areas at once.

You have to choose.

Here is something to aspire to in 2018 –

How might we remove one hobby, relationship, or activity to focus on the “boring” work in one we want to master?