* About Adam

Adam Thomas

Hi, I’m Adam Thomas

I am an entrepreneur, an advisor, and a leader. I help bring out the true nature of people and the best of them. I remove the cramped white noise of relationships in a few ways.

I take a different approach than other coaches in my field

I don’t rely on personality tests, INFJ designations, or Strengthsfinders to find the best in people, or my team.

I don’t believe that the leader is at the top of the organization. There are leaders of one, and you are a leader, whether or not you score highly on the leadership scale is where you can grow.

I don’t believe that you are just a student and I am a “guru.” If you are here, you have something to teach me.

Let’s get real here. We all heard of the “motivation guru’s”. Guess what? I’m not that guy, I’m here to give you the hard truth about leadership.

Interested in hearing about my leadership journey? From building a startup to corporate career to Sabbatical to Advisor

In college, I created a startup which, in action, taught me more of what not to do as a leader than what to do (Ever have half your staff quit on you?). My learnings building the tech behind the startup led to a great half decade in the Financial District of NYC. Working in finance and helping to manage a quad-trillion dollars of transactions was fun, but not the path for me, so in 2016 I quit.

This blog began as a venting platform for me outside of work, but also was a way for me to write about my learnings as a leader. I wasn’t the boss, nor at the top of the organizational chart, but I was a leader of one. As I started my sabbatical, I jumped back into the startup world, got to coach in altMBA, and began to explore the lessons I learned in both corporate America and the world of entrepreneurship.

This blog and my adventures remind me that leadership isn’t a title, but a decision. When you decide, you have the power to advise, coach, and understand the people around you.

I agitate with advisement. What is the company best practices? How can we change them to accomplish the mission?

Tactics are important to learn both what to and what not to do. Tools like the Feynman Technique, Google Design Sprints, and avoiding confirmation bias helps you avoid the mediocre work and focus on things that matter
For example, just because your boss at a corporate marathon is gaslighting you doesn’t mean that you should switch to a startup or go the entrepreneurial route. The grass isn’t greener on the other side.

Here’s the truth, the abuse comes from either side of the table, and it originates from the same person, they are just wearing a different t shirt. Star Wars t-shirt vs. Brooks Brothers suit.

A leader of one means that whether or not you are in a corporate firm or are the newbie intern on the team, but leader of one is an internal and an external leader. For example, an internal one is a mental game on the inside, and an external one is an infectious leader.