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Building a system is hard work. It takes diligence to acknowledge the problem, find out the symptoms, look for aberrations, and then put what you built-in place.  I have struggled with the idea of system making for years. It is easy to get lost in any of those steps, especially for me, because I over think and analyze myself into paralysis. After a week or two sweating the problem I end up with nothing, all because I didn’t want to move on from wearing green socks to red socks (long story).

Pride is the problem. We tell ourselves that we can steel our way through. If we just focus our will power and discipline we can get through all of it. Then we fail, blame ourselves, and sit down and eat Taco Bell. I have eaten a lot of Taco Bell. This doesn’t solve anything, and just causes more problems. (What do you do with all the sauce packets? Do the green packets keep? )

This year, after a lot of Taco Bell, I recognized my issue with system building. I constantly plot out journeys, I get ready, and after getting my socks(green and red), I don’t know the next step. I begin to meander. I take a few steps, I meander some more. And then I end up back where I started. It became clear to me that I needed a map. Even better, I should seek cartographers (map makers). If I have important points plotted out, then it becomes a lot easier to follow them. I didn’t have to do this alone.


Find cartographers in your life. They can take any form – a mentor, a teacher, even a great book. There are people who have lived more life or a different life than you. If you listen, you notice everyone has something to teach, a little map for you to follow. It is up to you to accept or reject it, but if you find people who design great maps, it is your duty to keep them around.  They will help you, and even if you have to spend a little money, recognize everything except time is negotiable.

By passing on what they know to you and ensuring you are on the right path, those cartographers will save you time and allow you to explore more. Even better, there will be less nights for Taco Bell. That is better for everyone.


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