“Drop Dead” And Get Things Done

Complexity and Utility

Let’s make it happen

The last two days we talked a lot about closets. I use the closet not only as a practical example but also a metaphor. Drop dead conditions are ideal for all sorts of things, ranging from decisions on products to where you want to eat for dinner.

How are we putting the drop dead condition(DDC) into action?

Before we use it to decide when we are going to launch our next initiative, let’s stick to our closets.


  1. Block out at least 30 minutes to review your closet with a pen and a pad.
  2. Review each item in the closet. Each one gets 10 seconds, no more! I’ve found that our emotions don’t change after 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, we tend to rationalize.
  3. If you like it, NEXT!
  4. If you don’t like it, jot down the reason.
  5. Bonus points! Remove it immediately from your closet. There’s no reason to keep something you hate. Coordinate a gift donation with a local not-for-profit. Get that thing out of your house, for real.
  6. When you’re done reviewing your closet, you now have a list of DDCs!
  7. Place this list in your wallet. Look at it every time you go shopping.
  8. Schedule a DDC action three months later. You will review your closet’s contents and toss what no longer serves you.\

This exercise an easy way for you to get comfortable with this framework.