Do It One More Time…

Don’t take in curated information once

What I mean by curated is that you’ve made a purposeful decision. Purposeful in the sense that “I clicked this video” or “I went to this conference.”It was a decision you’ve made.

Most engagements with information* have a ton of lessons, usually more than we can get in the first go-around. What is a way to get more out of what I got? 

Take some time away from the material, and then do it again. 

If you are a note taker, don’t bring the notes you have from the first session with you, draft a new set of notes for the second go.

What I find when I do this is that I see things in a completely different way, usually the way that is relevant now.   It’s a step towards understanding and away from skimming.

This sounds time intensive. It is.

The other half of this is understanding how to filter the good from the bad.

Then it requires a lot of “no.”

Your ROI jumps from your own decision making, and I think that’s worth it.

*Decent to good books usually hammer the same information over and over, so they are usually good for just one reading.