Focus like Warren Buffett (He is the World’s Second Richest Man – Right?)

It works for one of the world’s richest men

Warren Buffet, one of the world’s richest men, has a strategy to figure out what he needs to work on going forward.

After thinking about his top 25 priorities, he ranks them in order of importance from one to twenty-five. He crosses a line under the fifth one.

Every priority under that line he never thinks about again.

Three things stand out about that exercise:

  1. He takes an enormous amount of work off his mental plate. By getting rid of 20 priorities he cares about, he has much more energy to focus on the five that matter.
  2. He gets used to killing his darlings. Instead of priorities becoming a part of his identity, he keeps them at a distance where they stay ideas. They don’t become emotional.
  3. His practice trains him in making the right decision. If five priorities¬†matter, you are going to start learning what’s important faster than if you allowed yourself the opportunity to pick when you wanted to.

This exercise is a simple, yet powerful example of setting your boundaries.

Like setting priorities, this is difficult because you take away your escape route.