Good or Bad… No, Just Grey – Lessons from November 2017

Change is hard

If there is a theme on this blog, more than self-awareness, execution, and direction – it’s that different is difficult.

No need to spice it up, it’s a mound of trouble as is.

We, though, spice it up. Without much of a prompt, we attach labels like good and bad around the work and relationships that we have.

It doesn’t matter that we are mostly wrong, we just do.

The world isn’t either sunshine or rain. It is often a mixture of both, along with wind for good measure.

To get out of the metaphor for a moment – shit’s complicated. When we react, we oversimplify and engage without consideration.

Those labels just make the world harder to see, and often, are just rationalizations for our reaction.

Different is difficult. It requires a lot of “extra” just to make something happen. You have to get over yourself and your reaction to take a bigger view.

Reacting takes us away from the ability to see more.

And if you want to change (the world and yourself), seeing is a requirement.

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