In Help We Trust – 2017!

What do I want in 2017

To keep myself honest, I make a page, each year, with quantifiable goals. Whenever someone asks me if there is something they can do for me, I direct them here.

Here are my goals for 2017 – Quarter 3

Priority: Video Blog Engagement

Do you want to be a better leader?

This series, built by me, Jace Wallace, and Tony Lares, focuses on giving leaders the tools they need to create impact.

  • If you find this interesting, please subscribe. Also, I’d love advice. I want to share my knowledge. If you know a way I can facilitate that message better(How do I communicate?) or grow the channel(I want to go from 100 subscribers to 1,000) let me know.

Priority:  Instagram

I’ve brought my blog to Instagram. There, you can find digital representations of the blog post, as well as video clips from the YouTube Series.

  • The channel has grown this year (from 200 followers to 700 followers). I want to continue that. If you have any advice or feedback, please let me know.

Priority:  Health

If I’m not here, nothing else matters. Pretty simple.

  • I’ve lost 45 pounds this year. Right now I have no religion towards diet other than I’ve cut out sugar, soda. I want to knowhow to support and lose even more.
  • I exercise every Saturday and I find that my posture and energy are better. I want to increase that to 3 times a week by the end of the year. Any advice on how to create the circumstance, I am open to. Also, this includes gym buddies / classes. Let me know if you are interested! (NYC please)
  • Any way to get better sleep? I recently replaced my bed frame and pillows. I am willing to invest here.

Priority:  Speaking / Panels / Workshop

I’ve done a few panels this year focusing on entrepreneurship and leadership. I want to do more. Let me know by commenting or email if these options make sense   

  • Speaking/Panels: My focus is on pushing from “zero to one.” How do you move from idea to practicality. I focus on youth (so first gen college students, early career) to help them get comfortable with standing out.
  • I have a workshop on “Creating Everyday.” The focus here is to unlock that creative side of your brain into real content to enrich yourself and your team. 

This page is the only place on my blog where I’ll have comments, so feel free to let me know about the blog or ask about my goals, and I’ll make sure to give you an update.  The context of my needs can is in my 2016 review, as well as the quarterly updates, linked below:

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