These Four Words Can Help You Figure Out Your Priorities

Four words help you think priority out

Before you prioritize, think about building a map.

To do this, gather your team and put them in a conference room. Book some time for focus, because this type of work requires some heavy thinking and discussion.

Once you are in a room, prepare to answer a few questions about the four topics: important, urgent, curious, fun.

Questions (X = important, urgent, curious, fun)

  • What do we findĀ X?
  • Where does X this matter in our history?
  • Why is it X important to the team?
  • How do we implement X?
  • Who is involved with X?

Have everyone go through those questions a few times, and collect the answers.


This gives you insight on what people find important in the room. What is on top of mind is critical in understanding what makes your team go.

Combine this with long-term preparation.