Figure Out Your Incentives

Think about the incentives in your life

Yesterday, we talked about incentives, and why they are important.

Today, let’s introduce how to look for incentives, and the questions to ask to figure out just what they are.

It’s important to understand the incentives we have because they lead us to execute actions that affect people other than ourselves.

Our actions have consequences.

A good question to start with is: _______ is important to me because _________

Write down something that you do in the first blank – i.e. work

In the second blank, write that the first few things on your mind. Getting past the first few is important.

E.x. Work is important because of my paycheck, habit, family, social status, projects.

Those things indicate incentive.  As a result, you are beginning to see some of the incentives in your life.

For now, do this exercise a few times to see if there are any patterns.

Tomorrow¬†we are going to discuss the primary incentive, and why that’s important.