Do No Harm

Google did something interesting when they said our company mantra was Do No Harm.

For those who don’t know the story – the basis of the story was that Google – young company they were – saw the titan of the industry – Microsoft as the evil empire.

The Do No Harm mantra was something that was meant to keep them on the side of light – we were a better company because we are a better company.

Now Google finds themselves on the other side of the coin – they now are the massive empire, finding homes everywhere – and finding thier mantra fading further and further into the background.

I guess they are learning it isn’t quite so black and white at the top.

Administration Day – Diary

Administration Day was a success.

Sunday went without a hitch – my work on our show went well, I improved the engagement on both my personal and other endeavors in social media, and I put forth a few experiments to see how things shake up for the next two weeks while I am away.

I got to go see Elysium for my habit reward – it was an interesting movie, and I think what it was saying about people and society as a whole was something to be discussed, even if it came through a bit heavy handed.

French was the language of the rich, Spanish of the poor. That was interesting as well.

Audience Fatigue

When developing my material, I miss something that you cannot foresee – audience fatigue.

What is audience fatigue? Well , it is the endurance the crowd has when they are looking at you – at what point do they get tired of your presence.

It isn’t something that can be explained when writing material – it is based on the stage show. How are you performing, what do they want from you, how do you perform that give and take.

I am trying to get better at that – I am becoming aware so have the first step out the way.

We will see where it goes.

Administration Day

An administrative day.

A day where I would take care of all my small foible – batch all my annoying tasks in the morning or afternoon, would be good for me.

I am thinking of going with Sunday – a day where I do very little to schedule it. I will set the cue with me getting up, the habit will be me batching my tasks and getting all my small things done – and my reward will be the movies.

I think that works – and improves my life. Broadens my communication skills, and makes me an overall better person to be around – less stress.

Returning Habits

Habits are had to get started again once you lose them.

I recently went on vacation, and decided to detach from my routines. No more push ups, no writing, no thinking – just letting things go for the duration.

I thought this would relax me, however, when I returned, I found that my life was wrapped around disorder – instead of peace, I returned to chaos.

This week has been dedicated to slowly return to my habits, something that I thought would be easy, but it getting difficult – I forgot how I did things, and even why. I haven’t written anything down, and for that I find myself lost.

With that said, I am glad I recorded what the habits were on – so I have a roadmap to recovery.

Let Things Go

I have to learn how to let things go.

Things tend to be working better when I am prepared to let things go. There is an initial pain – one where I feel I need whatever I let go, but after a digestion period of a few days, a few weeks or a month – I feel much better, especially if its a bad habit.

So, logically I know this, but the difficult part is getting my brain to work in conjuction with my body.

Its in the queue to figure out, so I should just be patient for now.

Morning People

Mornings can be fun.

Or mornings can be messy.

I usually find myself in the second category. I am an evening person, and of course – my stand up exacerbates that. Stuck in the matrix of the lights of the city streets.

That is a shame though – because mornings are the part of the day that can be most regulated with a little will power.

Think about it – You have a schedule, whether it is written down or remembered, with things stuck in places where they cannot be moved.

In the morning, no one schedules anything. You are usually left alone. You have a chance to work.

So it is something I want to work on – lets see where my progress goes.