Put It Through The Wall

I don’t know what to tell you

It’s rare to have someone ask you to take on the emotional burdens of the people around you (that includes you.) Most of the time, you just have to decide to take responsibility, knowing it is for the greater good.

Often, it’s thankless, and when you do, life can feel like being trapped in a room with no door.

There is no easy way out.

You know growth is somewhere outside of that room.

To get to growth, your just going to have to pound your fist into the wall, hoping you can escape.

  • Your fist may hurt.
  • You may break your hand.
  • It’s going to suck.

If you don’t, however, you’ll never leave.

Remember, freedom isn’t free, and it never was.

The good news, on the other side of that door, is something that can change your life.

Are you ready?