Quit! If it isn’t working QUIT!

Put it down, walk away, get back to comfort.

It is so easy to quit. You experience a brief shock, but soon you go back to your equilibrium. You get to stop what you are doing and get back to where you are comfortable.This is a good thing. That is a hard thing for me to swallow, I look at quitting as bad. I used to think it stopped growth, that I was weak if I couldn’t hack it. It was condemning my entire being by stepping away from something.

I learned from a young age that quitting is weakness. By quitting,  you were letting the world (ridiculous) down by not showing up. Then I headed to the real world, and saw that the best quit all the time.

Now, it is easy to take this idea and run it up the flagpole to the land of extremes. I can quit everything and get back to comfort and live happily ever after. But that isn’t so, and you will continue in the same place you were before you started. Targeted quitting, like targeted growth, is essential. It helps you get out of that comfort box.

Comfort is the enemy of targeted growth in a specific idea, but an ally when you focusing. When I say that I mean if you are working with juggling, and you are getting comfortable with juggling, then you aren’t growing. However, if you want to earn how to juggle, and you are uncomfortable with juggling and writing, it’s best to fall back to a place where you are comfortable with writing by quitting and put that energy into juggling. In that way, quitting is a tool to get you where you want to go. Quitting becomes a release of energy, reinvested in yourself. Comfort is good, if used to get you more uncomfortable towards your target.


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