School Daze

school daze

It’s OK to ask

The primary education system in the United States sucks.

When you head to school:

  • The first thing you learn is your ABC’s.
  • The second thing is to shut up.
  • The third, don’t stand out.

This behavior reinforces itself throughout your time there. Once a child reaches a certain age, the students take over the reinforcement. It’s important to “fit in.” This behavior leaves everyone with a sense of cognitive dissonance, even the popular kids.

The entire class is looking; I’d better get this right.

They reinforce the “raise your hand” and “shut up and don’t stand out” method of control. The system teaches you not to ask questions, just the “right” ones. It intellectually slows us down.

It’s like driving in the slow lane and not realizing a simple lane shift makes you faster.

This programming follows us from college to the first “adult” job. This programming “kicks in” during a meeting, where no one has to tell you not to talk. Ditto the “open door policy” most places say they have.

This programming is dangerous. It stunts our intellectual growth and, even worse, makes us fear a powerful tool that helps us to leverage. That tool is asking questions.

Note: If you wonder about the title – may I introduce you to classic black cinema from a master director, Spike Lee?