Be Your “Self In All Things” – The Theme For December 2017

I am

Self-awareness is important.

It is one of my tenets of leadership. Without understanding ourselves, we can’t possibly understand:

  • How we see the world
  • What effects out mood
  • Where we can end up leading the people around us.

So, I think it is critical to understand ourselves and how we feel about it.

I want to spend this month writing about a topic that will take it a step further.

How might we take what we know about our selves into our work?

To say it another way, how do we put ourselves into something. 

Ourselves may be the most potent weapon we have. If we learn how to manifest it, it can change the destiny of our work. Think about it:

  • We bring a ton of different experiences to the table.
  • Perspective, in a complex world, matters more than “best practice.”
  • Unique wins.

So this month, I want to explore “Self in All Things” and see what that does to my work, and if you are reading this, how reminders about how your perspectives are can supercharge your work.

This month’s theme ties into “self-awareness.”

At the end of last year, I wrote a newsletter highlighting the “three tenets of leadership.”  Each month, I take a topic related to one of the three tenets and write about my ideas and experience around the topic.

Reread candidate

We Are All Weird – Seth Godin – He may say everything I say this month better than I ever will. Our internal “weirdness” is unbound due to the internet and our ability to build tribes. Take a read of this short tome to get an idea of how powerful we are, and how that power, when we trust it, can lead movements.