If you stop, STOP

Don’t half-ass it.

When you stop, it’s an opportunity.

When you get out of “grind mode” you have the opportunity to:

  • Assess
  • Rest
  • Analyze

These are all actions that support and nurture your vision.

When you half-ass them, you rob yourself of the opportunity to pick a better direction. This action, one often coming from a selfish place, affects the people around you.

The reason why I say that act is selfish come from wanting to look a certain way. It speaks to our vanity. We want to be known as a hustler, someone who is on the front lines all the time.

Well, good work doesn’t work that way, and neither does good rest.

Far too often, the “guilt” of rest pushes us back to action too quickly.  

That “guilt” is in our heads, and while it may feel real to us, your team would rather have you at 100%.

Don’t rob them of that opportunity.