Table for One

Smallest change, please

I love being a part of the altMBA program, both as a student and a coach.

During a private event with both alumni and Seth, he made a point that I’ve spent a lifetime trying to avoid. The thing is, he was completely right.

Before, I didn’t want to face it because:

  • It requires a lot of work and a ton of vulnerability.
  • It forces you to make decisions about the product you are offering to the world.
  • And, it might scare some people off.

What is it?

Focus on changing one person. That’s it.

Your job isn’t to make something for the masses. Your job, as a leader and a creator, is to make something for one person. Decide to attack one person’s¬†problem, let one person find a voice, have one person feel represented. ¬† Everyone else has to miss the boat.

Once you get that one person, then turn it into two.