The Blow Up


It’s insane when self-talk gets super destructive.

Like, let’s break what we’ve been working on for the last four months and act like it never happened, destructive.

All sorts of alarms go off inside of our heads. The villain has arrived.

Don’t succumb. Take a walk and a nap.

Seriously, you need a break now.

Take it.

Self-Discipline and Self-Awareness

My inner voice is screaming.

This morning, I wanted to avoid this blog.

A sense of rebellion, a chance to run away from myself to spite me.

In a way, it functions as a reminder of how your internal dialogue is irrational.

It isn’t necessarily wrong.  That alarm exists for a reason. This self-rebellion is the result of something being “off.”

Self-discipline is knowing how to avoid your inner voice to finish things that need doing after that initial alarm. 

Self-awareness is taking that inner-voice seriously enough to sit down and continue the “conversation” after the alarm.

Don’t run from the next step.