Tell Yourself Good Job

Start. Then Stop.

Take a breath.

Tell yourself “good job.”‘


“Good job” means that whatever happened earlier stops. It is a signal to move on and has a benefit of making us feel like we tried our best.

Here is the secret – usually, we are. 

So, tell yourself “good job” and get going.


There is more for you to do.

Take a Break

Schedule the Vacations in Advance

If you have the opportunity, try to schedule your days off in advance.

How does it help?

  • It helps you manage your energy. If you know a break is coming, it’s easier to keep your energy up.
  • You have something to look forward to. You know you have a few days to do some fun things.
  • Events. Schedule them out, so you have new experiences happening. Avoid Entropy!

Get in front of it so you can have some fun.

You deserve it.

Mental days – schedule them in advance

The Blow Up


It’s insane when self-talk gets super destructive.

Like, let’s break what we’ve been working on for the last four months and act like it never happened, destructive.

All sorts of alarms go off inside of our heads. The villain has arrived.

Don’t succumb. Take a walk and a nap.

Seriously, you need a break now.

Take it.

Take a Break! April 9th I am doing it

I haven’t yet taken a break

After quitting my job, I had this idea that I would take a few weeks, do some travel, and let my mind relax. It was one of the fantasies I had, going out in the world with friends, avoiding the New York winter, and having a good time. It was a beautiful dream.

I didn’t do any thing like that.

I went in the opposite direction. I started working harder. I started hunting for projects right away. I connected and reconnected, put forth a few ideas, and gave my white board some serious pen love. It paid off. At my last count, I am working on seven different projects with seven different teams.

There is a part of me that doesn’t want to give up the work. There is a voice in my head that gets scared, and says if I calm down, I won’t matter, and if I don’t matter, I don’t exist.

Luckily for me most of the projects I am working on are on a short-term basis or long-term enough for me to take a break.  I am circling the date of April 9th, my birthday, as the time to take a week or two off and give myself a vacation.

Making this public so I can’t back out. Hold me to it.