Short and Sweet.

Good communication is:

  • Short.
  • Direct.
  • Repeatable.

Foggy, indirect language is a symptom of hazy, incidental thought.

Remember, according to information theory (It did build the internet, it must make some sense), all communication has some level of noise. It is one of the reasons why all perception is a gamble.

Repeating a message reduces noise. It is hard to replicate something that is indirect and long.

If no one understands you, try shortening your message up and repeating it.


Shouting Information Theory

Redundancy improves signal

Sometimes shouting when you need something once isn’t enough.

When I was a kid, my parents would yell something, like, “Could you help me with…”

I would miss the message. Somehow, when my father shouted it again, at the same volume, I heard it, as clear as a bell. It wasn’t because I was deaf, it just got lost from them shouting and my hearing. Getting it a second time allowed my brain to concentrate and differentiate the signal from the noise.

And if you didn’t know, I just taught you information theory. Claude Shannon, the mathematician who figured this out, is responsible for the internet and us communicating now.

Every signal we get from the outside world is a gamble.

To increase the percentage of something making sense, add some redundancy.

Who knows, maybe they didn’t get that email?