Being Different Is Difficult

Different is Difficult

When most people talk about wanting something different, rarely do they want something too different.

What do they want?

They want a different flavor of themselves.  If we use a car metaphor, people don’t want an another kind; they want a different shade of paint or a new model.

If we stay with the car metaphor, it’s easier to drive a car where you reliably know where the air conditioner and the aux cord are. You can still have the same habits and get the same results.

Sometimes it isn’t a bad thing to want an update or even the same car. A new type of car means a new way of operating, and that takes time to get comfortable.

Dealing with people is no different.

If you do want different, prepare for “uncomfortability” on both sides.  Different is difficult. It requires us to change our habits and ways of seeing the world after we are comfortable.

Be patient.


Do Different Because You See Different

Same gets you same

I hate conventional advice. It’s watered down nonsense designed “for the middle.” The advice sounds good, rhymes, and you heard other people say it. Soon, you say it too because “if it weren’t true, why would people say it?”

Because not rocking the boat feels safe.

If you ever watch the best (or even the above average, for that matter) do anything 99% of the “you should have business cards” nonsense is out the window.  In the process of overcoming everyday competence, they had to embrace their “weird.”

Being different means, you see the world differently.