I’m Finished

“Be OK with “Done”

“Finished” is powerful. Being “finished” is a decision.

When you take on a project, product, conversation, etc. and decide you’re finished, you end it.

Then, silence. 

You can’t react and claim “I’m finished” because when you react, you didn’t decide.  Someone else did for you, and you don’t get the silence.

Then you push to the last-minute. You fall into the trap of asking “is this good enough?”

That isn’t your decision.

If you feel you decide “is this good enough,” you flip over from proactive to reactive.

That’s when we rush to cut corners. We stop because we get nervous. There has to be something we’re missing.

Usually, there is nothing.

Get comfortable with saying “finished.”  Decide.

Don’t Hedge

You are slowing yourself down

hedge – limit or qualify (something) by conditions or exceptions.

There are plenty of great uses for “hedging.” Restrictions can help our thinking, our skills, or our resources.

With that said, stop hedging your language.

Every time you start with the word “kinda,” sprinkle your sentence with “like,” or saying “um” you are hedging how you speak. When our brains hear it, they hear a lack of confidence, even if you are sure of yourself. Those words get in your way.

Let’s speed it up :-).