Three Lessons From Wargames That Will Help You Ship Projects And Make Your Team Stronger

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Strategy gives you flexibility and a position to pivot from, as well as a method to communicate that with your team.

Remembering that:

  • Rulesets affect implementation, not direction.
  • The goal comes first, everything else is ego
  • Get it out of your head, then commit.

Helps you, as a product person, keep communication and trust high. As a result, you’ll ship well and more importantly, with consistency.


Why Read Old?

There is “gold in them hills.”

In Silicon Valley, there is talk of a mystical 10x engineer. It is said one of them is worth 100 regular engineers.

I am realizing that the same thing with the best material I’ve read over the last year.

A great Paris Review interview that profiles Maya Angelou can turn a cold day hot. The Tao Te Ching is eighty pages of philosophical grace. An essay from James Baldwin on race takes me to the past while connecting me to the present, and that is something I can’t find in a Facebook post.

So then we land on a new question.

Why not spend more time exploring the great originals instead of seeking new retreads?

From my latest Medium Essay – Why Did I Delete My Twitter? 80,000 Tweets Gone.

Find the answer there, and much more.