Fear, For Me

Fear is…

Staring at work that I don’t think I can do

Situations I don’t know

Writing this post


A warning mechanism

The Truth

Sleeping in the wrong position

Letting someone down

Being honest

a benchmark for courage

Get To Work

Stop qualifying yourself

You aren’t doing yourself any favors by adding “My degree,” “I heard,” or “Someone important told me.”

Before you get there, we may care if we don’t know you.  We have to understand what you bring to the table.

Other than that, we don’t care.

It is a form of CYA. “If I went to Harvard, they might look elsewhere when something fails.” 

I don’t care what Barack Obama told you that day, roll your sleeve up and get to work.

You might show us why he said it.

Self Assurance

Stop looking for confidence.

It isn’t coming from anyone.

  • Your teacher can’t do it.
  • The boss can’t do it.
  • Mom can’t help you.

In fact, no one can make that “it” happen.

If you chose the life of a creative leader, fear isn’t going anywhere.

Best to do as Seth Godin says and dance with your fear.


Two Fears of “I Don’t Know”

Saying I don’t know is scary for many reasons

Two fears that come to mind today:

  • What do people think?
  • What happens after I admit my ignorance?

These two questions deal directly with the fear of showing up.

We all think them, no matter where we are in our careers. If we aren’t careful, they can stop us from the projects that propel us.

If you are in charge of a team, deal with those questions often.

Commit – Think About It and Go


When you take a chance, do your due diligence, and go.

Chance comes along. There is no rushing or delaying it. When it happens, make a choice.

Go. Or don’t.

If you do decide to go, take it on. Don’t hedge.

Do the work. Understand the world you are walking into, know who the players are, and don’t trip over yourself – make sure you do the research.

Once that is over, if it still makes sense, go. 

Most plans don’t fail because of failure being inevitable. They fail because the “fear of failure” makes people believe failure is inevitable. 

Don’t let the fear suffocate the possible. 

Small Risk,Please

If you do work without a bit of edge, it’s a form of hiding.

It doesn’t need to overshare (also hiding), but in the same vein, doing anything that doesn’t take a little chance, a little risk or a little piece of yourself is hollow.

How do you know if there is risk involved?

When you press publish, schedule, or upload, is there a little apprehension*? We’re not talking about a life-changing amount of fear, just enough for you to feel something.

If so, ship it.

*I feel it with this post – I’m little scared it’s too small, too ephemeral, too commanding, and I am going to let it go.