Have Fun

Get out there and play

Games are the best, aren’t they?

Why don’t we play more? In fact, when is the last time you played a game?

Today is your reminder that sometimes, we get too serious, and we need more fun in our lives.

Go out there and have some fun.

Whatever “adulting” that you need to do can wait.

Go for it, play.

I’m rooting for you.

Give Yourself Freedom

Declare yourself crazy

One reason why we don’t unleash our full selves is that we are worried about how the rest of the world thinks.

You know who doesn’t care? “Crazy” people.

So, I’ll give you an easy out.

Today, call yourself crazy.

That noise you make when you do something well?

Do it.

Anytime someone looks your way after, just tell them your crazy and walk away.

Two things will happen:

  • You’ll start feeling more comfortable in your skin, improving the work that you do
  • Your coworkers may decide to start getting crazy too.

If everyone is comfortable with themselves, they start getting uncomfortable with routine.

That’s where the fun happens.



Oh…Thanks @amznjsn

Take a crazy idea and take it seriouslyJason Mowatt

Whenever I used to hear this from Jason I used to nod, think it was cool and let it pass.

Now, I see it for the genius it really is.

What makes that statement so powerful is that it factors in some great points about executing.

  • People don’t settle on one idea; they craft ideas often.
  • Stable and “normal” ideas are boring.
  • Great ideas looked like bad ideas at the time.
  • Persistence is rare.
  • The world needs your vision, because it’s missing something without it.

He is great at what he does…and, if you happen to love karaoke, well…he made this. 

Impostor Syndrome

Internally, self promotion feels like a scam.

Our self esteem comes into play for this. Self Impostor syndrom seems to run rampant.

How do they think I am ______ don’t they know I am only me?

We then look at others that are at our level – or around us and see them doing it. We take the impostor syndrome and use that inward anger outward.

”________ is such a phony – always on Facebook and Twitter acting like they are successful”

The problem is that with that you cast away your own successes. No one is going to treat you like a professional if you don’t treat your self like one.

In short – “keeping it real” is a great way to keep yourself in a cubicle.

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Have fun.

Go ahead, its alright, just go have fun.

The older we get, the more we try to squeeze out the fun of our lives.

In public, we look around, and burrow our brows when we see older people enjoying themselves out of context.

Yet, in the same breath, we look at kids doing the same and say…how we miss those times.

They don’t have to go away – in fact, you don’t even need to find them.

Fun happens everywhere, as long as you accept it.

The question is, are you going to accept it?

Do you want to have fun?

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