Right vs. “Rightish”

right vs rightish

It’s Ugly. It’s OK.


The problem with that exclamation is the demand for perfection. 

That works in a school environment.

However, in life and leadership, binary thinking (right and wrong) stops us from growth.

Instead of the “right” answer, go for the “rightish” answer. Sometimes the “rightish” solution is ugly. In fact, often it is. And the beauty of “rightish” is the ability to iterate and make it better. 

As a result, pushing through the ugly with iteration makes something far better than the “perfect” first answer.

Most of the things you used started off on the “rightish” direction and grew from there.


Last night I reorganized my closets. It had been a goal of mine. Usually I let things linger, but since I have noticed that systems can adapt, and iteration can make us better, I decided to take everything out of my closets and see what was necessary.

It certainly was interesting. I always think I have thrown everything out that I don’t use, but through this exercise, I always get clothes, old papers, and even weird things like a Zune that I had locked away. If we let stuff linger, it will linger. Getting into those closets got rid of a lot of crap in my life.

I woke up this morning and my room felt cleaner. I also felt better. I was able to get to things faster. I found myself getting out the house quicker. In short, I made progress in other things automatically simply by clearing out things I didn’t need.

Quarterly cleanups. I wonder what I will find in June.