We Didn’t Hear It As You Said It

Perception guides what we hear

How I hear your remark is different from how you said it, full stop.

When we communicate, we take our concepts and try to place them into someone else’s head, filled with ideas, emotions, and events we can’t possibly perceive. What we say is always different from what someone else hears.

If that is true, how can we communicate, so people understand us?

  1. Empathize from a place that understands that people hear things differently from how we say them
  2. Shorten, clarify, repeat over and over.

A Sucker Bet

Watch the story

One of the things I look for when I deal with strategy is the phrase “It would make sense that…”

I try to stop my team right then and there.

When you say it makes sense, recognize that it makes sense to you.

If you haven’t done the work to execute the story that you tell, and the research to make sure that the story you’re telling matches the one the customer is hearing, then you are taking a bet.

It’s a sucker bet too. Even money if you win, high risk if you lose.

That doesn’t sound fun to me.

If It Looks Like A Duck

And quacks like a duck…

All perception is a gamble.

Thinking that “where there’s smoke there’s fire” is great when you focus on something that isn’t a priority, however, when it comes to you or your team, assumptions won’t cut it.


That “Duck” might be a chicken with a kazoo stuck to its beak. It is up to you to find that out.

Visualization isn’t Actualization.

The vision never turns into the truth.

One of the secrets of success is to visualize your next step. 

What do I mean by visualizing?

Sit and think of all the potential successes and problems that come along.

If I start a blog, I have to find hosting and things to write (problem), but then people will have a place to find out about me and my thoughts on a subject (success).

Visualization gives someone confidence because there is power in feeling “ready.” That confidence can propel one into the world as a maker.

There is a lot of power in building a map.

It is important to know that the visualization is your imagination, it isn’t real.The things you visualized happening won’t happen the way you planned it, and things you didn’t even think about happen.

I started the blog, but now I have security issues (problem you didn’t see), no one is coming to my blog (problem you didn’t see), but since its active someone offered me consulting work, even though I don’t know how to do it (success you didn’t see).

If you try to force the visualization into reality by thinking things have to match what you envisioned, you miss the things that come from “the doing” because you are putting on blinders. You aren’t looking at what’s there, just at the things you want to see.

Blinders may make you run a race faster, but you won’t see the context, or even if it’s the right race to run.

Always remember: The map is not the territory



Questions Lead to Answers – Throwing It Against The Glass

Questions are scary.

They take a lot to ask. You have to get ready to answer them. They are unpredictable.  If the world fit into basket we want it to, then there is no anxiety. If no one asks questions after finishing, then we get comfort.

But I wager the scariest thing isn’t that people ask questions. The scariest thing to people is that questions lead to answers.

Questions lead to answers.

Question lead to answers, even if we don’t want to hear them.

The answers can come in many forms, based on how people treat you, what they say, or how they act afterwards, but questions lead to answers.

That’s a hard thing to swallow because we end up having to deal with not being right. The idea of not making the most of our situation, and dealing with the idea that we aren’t going to be right with our assumptions.

It isn’t an easy task, and people block questions all the time. It isn’t an easy way to ask a lot of the time. The people around you shush you, and your ego tries to do so by making your stomach hurt.

Throwing a rock against the glass

Every time we ask a question, we throw a rock. There is fear through throwing the rock, but the bigger fear is breaking the glass.

The glass is our interpretation of the world. Each layer is foggier and foggier, changing our reality.

We all see things differently, because we see with our brains, and not our eyes. It is an important distinction, because if you think you see the world as it is, there is no room for questioning anything wholeheartedly, and you have effectively shut yourself off.

They say perception is reality, but that saying is for people who do not bother to try to see reality. It is a saying of comfort. It is fear talking.

That fear is debilitating.

The Truth

The truth is difficult to figure out. Once it is however, be prepared to find push back. Arrows will be slung at everything but that truth, but in the end, that is how you know that the truth is the truth.

Armor up.