Visualization isn’t Actualization.

The vision never turns into the truth.

One of the secrets of success is to visualize your next step. 

What do I mean by visualizing?

Sit and think of all the potential successes and problems that come along.

If I start a blog, I have to find hosting and things to write (problem), but then people will have a place to find out about me and my thoughts on a subject (success).

Visualization gives someone confidence because there is power in feeling “ready.” That confidence can propel one into the world as a maker.

There is a lot of power in building a map.

It is important to know that the visualization is your imagination, it isn’t real.The things you visualized happening won’t happen the way you planned it, and things you didn’t even think about happen.

I started the blog, but now I have security issues (problem you didn’t see), no one is coming to my blog (problem you didn’t see), but since its active someone offered me consulting work, even though I don’t know how to do it (success you didn’t see).

If you try to force the visualization into reality by thinking things have to match what you envisioned, you miss the things that come from “the doing” because you are putting on blinders. You aren’t looking at what’s there, just at the things you want to see.

Blinders may make you run a race faster, but you won’t see the context, or even if it’s the right race to run.

Always remember: The map is not the territory



Odd Power Moves – The Inside of Elevators

I find elevators interesting

For an event that wraps up so fast,few things are as fascinating as behavior in an elevator.  In the span of a minute or less, there are all type of behaviors, ranging from power struggles to polite conversation.

Here are a few of my favorite things on elevators.

Elevator behavior

  • The “letting other people out “– Apparently nothing says ‘powerful’ like being the last person on an elevator. I never heard anyone of consequence say that, but always look at the battle in an elevator when multiple people get out.It is supposed to be chivalrous I guess, but people take the opportunity to assert dominance. It’s very awkward, as if people think “If I let you out first, then I must be the first person you respect for the day.” Next time you are in a packed elevator, watch this from the back, or be the first to leave(oh no what about the power move). It is sure to make you scratch your head.
  • The “Small talk “– Nothing less interesting than talking about the weather in a climate controlled place, but that’s what we default to when we are in the elevator. “Hey person I will never see again, it sure is cold outside, isn’t it.” we can just enjoy the silence. Nothing wrong with enjoying the silence. This also includes the sports game. I love sports. But not when I am on an elevator.
  • The “I don’t want to discuss this” – This is easy to spot.  The rapid head nods, the “ok ok ok “, the come on not now look on the face. Most people who try elevator pitches end up in this category. I am sure your business idea is tremendous, but, this isn’t the movies. Far better to get to know someone and the organization, instead of pinning your hopes getting started on floor 5 and hoping to close a deal by floor 7.

It’s all very odd

We might think this stuff is odd, but its even more odd when we realize that we also engage in this stuff subconsciously. Sometimes we just stare into the elevator, but every once in a while, we find ourselves letting people out, or asking about the football game.

Programming is real 🙂 .