Table for One

Smallest change, please

I love being a part of the altMBA program, both as a student and a coach.

During a private event with both alumni and Seth, he made a point that I’ve spent a lifetime trying to avoid. The thing is, he was completely right.

Before, I didn’t want to face it because:

  • It requires a lot of work and a ton of vulnerability.
  • It forces you to make decisions about the product you are offering to the world.
  • And, it might scare some people off.

What is it?

Focus on changing one person. That’s it.

Your job isn’t to make something for the masses. Your job, as a leader and a creator, is to make something for one person. Decide to attack one person’s problem, let one person find a voice, have one person feel represented.   Everyone else has to miss the boat.

Once you get that one person, then turn it into two.

Iterate or Polish – Don’t Do Both

Iterate or polish

The beautiful thing about focus is that is fuels decisions.

One of those decisions that focus fuels is between iteration or polish. 

Both are important. Iteration helps someone discover the next step in development. Polish helps you story tell.

Often, people make the mistake of polishing a project iteration. It is a waste of time to make something, whose final destination is the trash bin, beautiful.

Other times the mistake is iterating on a polished project. That is when a team is more susceptible to feature creep. When it’s done, lock it and work on making it beautiful.