Taste is Not a Sprint,it’s a Marathon

Developing taste takes time

Marathons are fascinating. Although they have runners and a finish line, they aren’t races. It’s more of an endurance event, a test of someone’s will over the course of 26 miles. Because of its structure, certain things, “like pace,” become critical.

Experienced marathon runners know that keeping pace is important. They’ve practiced and know that they need to keep up a certain speed to stay consistent. Consequently, that consistency gets them to the end faster.

The amateur does the opposite. An amateur sees a race and speeds out ahead early. The amateur tries to “beat” the others around. As a result, this tactic results in failure at some point.

Your taste won’t be completely formed after a few weeks or even a year. It’s not a race. It’s a marathon.

Therefore, approach your “taste” like a marathon.

Focus on your taste’s pace. It needs to align with your It develops as and when you do.

See it as something that you are preparing for the long road ahead.

You’ll get there.

Visualization isn’t Actualization.

The vision never turns into the truth.

One of the secrets of success is to visualize your next step. 

What do I mean by visualizing?

Sit and think of all the potential successes and problems that come along.

If I start a blog, I have to find hosting and things to write (problem), but then people will have a place to find out about me and my thoughts on a subject (success).

Visualization gives someone confidence because there is power in feeling “ready.” That confidence can propel one into the world as a maker.

There is a lot of power in building a map.

It is important to know that the visualization is your imagination, it isn’t real.The things you visualized happening won’t happen the way you planned it, and things you didn’t even think about happen.

I started the blog, but now I have security issues (problem you didn’t see), no one is coming to my blog (problem you didn’t see), but since its active someone offered me consulting work, even though I don’t know how to do it (success you didn’t see).

If you try to force the visualization into reality by thinking things have to match what you envisioned, you miss the things that come from “the doing” because you are putting on blinders. You aren’t looking at what’s there, just at the things you want to see.

Blinders may make you run a race faster, but you won’t see the context, or even if it’s the right race to run.

Always remember: The map is not the territory



Can I Get Your Attention, Please!

Attention matters.

Your attention is one of the greatest gifts you have.  Your attention is the key to the depth you get out of the time you spend.

If time was a car, your attention is the gasoline.

Your car can run on regular, and most cars do.

However, if you consider your car high-end (and you should since time is the only thing you can’t get back) it suffers when you use regular gasoline. You would get so much more out of your car(time) if you used the best fuel(attention).

Whenever you are focusing, consider each text, IM, email etc.  lowering the quality of attention (gas) to your time (car).

It’s important because that understanding will take you where you want to go.

All of our cars eventually break down.

Finish Line

There is no finish line.

There isn’t even a race. It is useless to rank the things around you,  especially in creative work, because it is the first step in creating a world of scarcity.

Beauty is all around us. No need to fence it in when we don’t have to.

I took my first float today in a flotation tank. It was amazing, and the only thing I got out of it is that post above.  I don’t know if it means anything, but I figured I should write it down and keep it around. Who knows, it’s a puzzle piece , or how they document my insanity. 

Don’t Let It Happen


The thing that gets clearer and clearer as certain media sources get involved in this situation, is that they want us all, race color and creed, divided.

We are much easier to control when we dehumanize each other – it makes it very easy to keep us, the people, in check.

I hope some more people wake up to what is happening around them. One day they are at the ‘others’ place demanding papers – soon it will be yours.