Negotiate – There Is Usually More There

Most of the time, we are all just making it up

You’d be amazed what you see when you pull back the curtain.

Most of us don’t know what we are talking about, at all. Perhaps we look confident, but underneath a surefooted tone, there aren’t many facts backing our opinion up.

What is interesting is, most of us know that when we think about ourselves. What we don’t imagine, though, is that other people go through the same thing.

When people swear the cost of something or the benefit, take a moment to ask a follow-up question, instead of reacting.

A well placed “why” can turn what seemed to be two options into twenty in short order.

Every Action has a Story

What is your next move?

Have you ever thought to yourself, what’s next?

Sure. We all have.

Are you aware that each action we take has a story behind it?

It doesn’t matter if it is conscious or unconscious, every decision we make has a beginning, middle, and end.

Sounds simple, until you realize that story your action creates is different for everyone else.

  • If you are reacting, afterward, think about the consequences after flow and learn how to deal with them.
  • If you decide? The opposite, think about how your action affects the people around you.

Makes the next move question a little more interesting, doesn’t it?