Someone Else is Going Through It

Oh, it isn’t just you.

You know that awful voice in your head, the one that is self-destructive? It’s more than likely stopped a project or two from reaching its full potential.

Well, it exists in everyone.

One of the most impactful things we can do for our teammates is to remember that we don’t and can’t know the battle that each of us is fighting. Then take that insight and apply it to our communication.

What do I mean?

  • Instead of writing that two sentence email, add some emojis to add some levity
  • Take a moment after a meeting and let a team-mate know you appreciate their work
  • Smile more. A smile makes someone feel at ease.

As leaders, we can bring happiness to someones day with little effort.

That effort can make all the difference.

Failure Comes With The Job

Are you trying something new?

Say it with me: “failure comes with the job. ”

Maybe you know that already. Perhaps you spent your career taking risks and capitalizing on other people being risk averse.

Other people haven’t. In fact, they have watched people who take risk get fired, dismissed, or something worse. The moment they look at a potential failure, they remember that. No one wants to end up like Bob, packing up his cubicle, because he decided to ship something that didn’t work.

It’s painful.

Therefore, it is worth reminding people who when they are trying something new and creative that “failure is a part of the job.” If you are leading a team, it’s important to hammer that message home, because the negative self-talk that hinders progress comes quick.

So remind the team around you that: “failure comes with the job.”

In doing that, you’ll remind yourself, too.

The Blow Up


It’s insane when self-talk gets super destructive.

Like, let’s break what we’ve been working on for the last four months and act like it never happened, destructive.

All sorts of alarms go off inside of our heads. The villain has arrived.

Don’t succumb. Take a walk and a nap.

Seriously, you need a break now.

Take it.