Find Out When it’s Slow

It’s when you can focus

In the restaurant industry,  the business comes in shifts. Two stand out.

There is the “heavy” shift, meaning the restaurant is busy. People focus. They just handle incoming requests.

On the other hand, there is “slow.” This is the time where the restaurants distinguish themselves. 

  • The good restaurants do prep, get the dining room in order, take stock of what happened and make adjustments for the next rush.
  • The bad restaurants use it to catch their breath and don’t think about what’s next.

Our lives follow the same rhythm. 

There are times when we are going fast, just trying to keep up, and time where we can to level up.

Pay attention to your rhythm and look for the “slow” time. It’s there where you leverage your best self. 



Don’t Hedge

You are slowing yourself down

hedge – limit or qualify (something) by conditions or exceptions.

There are plenty of great uses for “hedging.” Restrictions can help our thinking, our skills, or our resources.

With that said, stop hedging your language.

Every time you start with the word “kinda,” sprinkle your sentence with “like,” or saying “um” you are hedging how you speak. When our brains hear it, they hear a lack of confidence, even if you are sure of yourself. Those words get in your way.

Let’s speed it up :-).

Dedicating Some Time To Think

Dedicating time to think is critical

We live in a world where we are constantly connected.

There is no time where we don’t hear  the sound of a click, ding , or whistle. It feeds us a nice measure of dopamine. We keep it around.  It sounds good to always be there, to be connected. It keeps us “busy”.

But the thing that allows us to grow is a dedicated time to think, a time to sit back, unpack,  and understand. We can’t just keep making, it is necessary to sit and think.

Take some time when you can and get away. To capture this effectively, its imperative you sit down away from the action to reflect. Don’t be afraid to turn everything off.

So, just try it.

Turn off your phone, leave it in your dresser, and drive or walk to a local coffee shop or park.

Just bring a pen and a pad. Sit there, and just start writing down everything.

No, dedicate the time


Take the time to put this in your calendar, and make the effort to follow it. Everything in your being won’t like it. For people who make stuff happen, or just trying to mellow out, it won’t feel natural.

But take the time, and I know that all sorts of interesting experiments will come out the other end. We live in a world that is far to concerned with the idea of connecting and being in the know, when we have a great resource sitting between our heads.

The next great ideas are in you. Trust that they are and take the time to find them out. It isn’t going to turn over into a paycheck, and there is no ROI that is apparent, but getting closer to yourself by dedicating time to think is something that separates us from the drones.

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