It’s Not Hero/Villain


Not everything is a zero sum game.

I’d argue the only reason most things become a zero sum game is that we frame it that way.

Someone has to be the victor, the hero, the champion.

Someone has to be the loser, the villain, the sucker.

That works in fairy tales. It is also a textbook example of “narrative fallacy,” the cognitive bias that creates stories.

Most of the time, we aren’t opposed. We all can win.

Do the work to figure out how.


You Lose if You Just Accept – Cargo Cult Science April 2017

Default to Questions

This month functioned as a reminder that we are creatures that exist in “bubbles.” As much as it is easy to laugh at the natives who put on coconut headphones, we are constantly doing the same with our superstitions and unconscious ritual.

Unless we take a moment to stand back and take in everything, we quickly succumb to the comfort of cargo cult science.

Yes, comfort.

In a complex world, it’s comfortable not to question anything, to just accept what our parents and institutions gave us. In fact, it’s even encouraged, as the system we grew up in gave us the blueprint in thinking that way.

Don’t believe me? If you don’t believe that you’ll get fired, play a loud bell in your office and see how many people get up, as if there is somewhere else to go, even if they stay in one place all day.

If we want to create systems that are impactful and honor our vision, we have to get used to challenging the things as they are. Don’t mistake that challenge as rebellion. If you decide to follow that road then you aren’t honoring yourself, you are accepting the thing you are rebelling against. Go in with curiosity, knowing that instead of getting the system, you’ll know how it works.

When you know how things work, you’re able to tinker and change to your tastes, and that is when things get fascinating.

So, get used to taking a step back and taking a look at the “big picture” while asking questions. Your growth depends on it.


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