Don’t Freeze The Board!

I can’t see the future

I haven’t met anyone who could.*

Because of that, to help keep my ideas in perspective, I like to think about life as a game. And like most games, it comes with a board, rules, etc.

One of the most important rules of that game is that the board isn’t frozen, and won’t freeze unless I decide to freeze it.

What I mean by that is that there are multiple moves in any situation.

It helps to remind ourselves that the mind shifts its perception based on how we feel.

Instead of remembering that we can maneuver, our emotions freeze, take a snapshot and tells us to play the game as if the board is locked.

This is the point where we start making a “5-year plan” or saying things like  “forever.” We look at the world as it is now and thinks it was always this way. We stop talking to people we care about because the correspondence hit a lull and we didn’t email back.

Our abilities stay locked like the board, missing the opportunity (and fun) of life.

We make ourselves rigid in a world that rewards the flexible.

Rigid things break.

*If you see the future please tweet at me @thehonorableAT and let’s talk immediately.