Take a Walk

You can’t control your impulses.

If you are angry, you are angry.

Our emotions are real and affect the way we see the world. It is a mistake to ignore or bottle them up. When we don’t honor them, they can change our perspective. Often, they harm our effectiveness, ensuring we see false connections that recreate that emotion.

For example, if you are angry, by bottling your anger, you’ll see more connections to anger because you never resolved your rage in the first place.

Take a moment to acknowledge the emotion, and then look for a way to control your reaction.

For example, instead of bottling up your emotions after something annoyed you, which may lead you to shut down during a meeting, if you have the leeway, get up and go “use the bathroom.” Take the time to walk around for a minute and talk to someone about anything that makes you happy for 30 to 45 seconds.

When you get back to the meeting, you’ll be refreshed and ready to work.

Instead of controlling your impulse, seek to control the reaction. This attempt of control doesn’t stop or invalidate your feelings, so we avoid the dangers of “bottling up.”