The Garlic Problem

We Aren’t Logical, So Prepare For It

When you eat garlic, the smell gets on your hands, around your mouth, and on your breath. People notice, but mostly, you care. Should you do something?


  • Do nothing.
  • You can excuse yourself, go to the bathroom, wash your hands, and pop in a stick of gum.
  • You could either register this change as the start of a catastrophe and run away from the dinner.

While we sit here and read this, the first two options seem reasonable. With no skin in the game, you recognize the best choice is the second, but you could live with the first.

The last choice seems insaneIn life, when you add emotion, it isn’t that simple.

You can feel the slight change of disposition in the room.  And in our worst moments, it can cause us to lose perspective.

When the pressure is on, the third option becomes much more reasonable in our heads.

Tomorrow – I’ll talk about why this is important.