Wake Up & Refresh Because Sleep Is Work

Good Morning

Did you know your brain isn’t sleeping when you are?

Wait what…?

Essentially, it’s doing this:

Remember this screen growing up, and locked up your PC? Well…this is sleep.

Sleep is work.

Maybe I’ve always known that since I never was a morning person. If I did anything before 9 AM it was special (or a living requirement…I’ll get up to pay my rent, and even that was a challenge).

But, until recently, I never acted on the information. I’ve gotten up with the sun over the last few weeks more often than not by recharging after all that sleep work.

How do I recharge after getting such a “sleep workout?”


  • Fuel – I keep a bottle of water by my bed and try to drink a bunch as soon as my alarm goes off.
  • Physical – Quick body weight (push-ups, squats, and sit-ups) exercises every morning after the water.
  • Mental – This blog, every morning (when it comes late I never quite feel right).

I am full of energy before the day begins.  Good morning!