What Is Life As Usual?



Q. Who are you?

A. Try here.

Q. Who is this blog for?

This blog is for people who consider themselves leaders that want to get an edge. I focus on self-awareness, direction, and execution

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Q. How often do you write?

Every day.

Q. How do you write every day?

A. Long answer. Short Answer – I only owe myself three sentences.

Q. Do you work on this alone?

No – I have a great team around me. Kate Harvie helps me keep my writing together, and Jace Wallace makes sure the video is crisp.


Q.What are you working on? 

  • Product Strategist @ Philosophie – Tech consultancy 
  • Coach @ altMBA – Leadership Workshop
  • Director of Strategy/Partner @ Cofound Harlem – Start-up incubator
  • Fellow @ StartingBloc – Social impact leadership fellowship

Q. I don’t feel like digging through your site – what five articles are an excellent primer on your writing?

Q. I thought those were interesting, I would like to reach out?

Thank you. Click here.

Q. I heard you like books…

I do – here are my recommendations.

Q. I’d love to interview you on my podcast/radio show?

I love to do media. Please, send an email to adam@theadamthomas.com with the subject, “MEDIA” and let’s talk about details.

Q. I’d love to get you on my YouTube Series?

Same as above, Local to New York City, please. Please, send an email to adam@theadamthomas.com with the subject, “VIDEO MEDIA” and let’s talk details.

Q. Uh oh, I’m 5 seconds from making press materials for my event, and I need some pictures and a bio.

Here is an image I like for that, Here is a link to a bio to use.

Q. Social media?

 Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn  

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