Your Uniqueness Makes You…You.

And it won’t be accepted all the time

When you hide your “self,” it hurts.

It hurts because that shift in energy has to go somewhere.  Instead of out, into your art or who you are, it goes in. That causes pain.

We do that because we know getting closer to the middle is safe. Being unique, especially when no one wants you too, will piss people off.

That is ok.

Remember, they give lifetime achievement awards to people for things they would fire them for.

Sometimes, knowing that doesn’t make it easier.

Here is what will – if ideas are the battlefield, we are better when we fight at full strength.

If someone gets hurt, we have to accept it, and as soon as the battle is over, respect that they too, are a warrior and treat them with the utmost respect.

Allow them to save face. Support them. Decide and commit.

Injury in the heat of battle is to be respected.

Just don’t twist the knife afterward.