What I’m Doing Now

Now pages are inspired by Derek Sivers – and if you don’t read his stuff, you should.

So, this is mine.

Updated April 2020.

I’m currently jobless.

No longer the director of product at Informed. Taking the next few months to recharge and grabbing coffee with folks who have exciting product roles. I got a kick out of building a practice at Informed, so looking at jobs that are closer to management.I’m getting a clear understanding of the company I want to work for and what a company looks like when it reaches the best out of me.

I'm at home.

Much like everyone else. We are fighting an invisible monster.  We are all home. I don't know what to do but to call this the strangest time in all of our lives.

I’m writing.

I had a goal of getting 12 things published this year. I'm already at 10. Thank you to Mind the Product, Product Craft, Product Marketing Alliance, The Product Guy, and Product Management Insider. I'm focusing on product strategy, research, and team management. If you'd like to talk about these things, let's chat on your podcast!

This page is not to be confused with my Ask Page for the quarter – which you can find here.

My Now Page is for just the facts :-). Thanks for reading.