Hey there!

I'm Adam Thomas

I build product teams.

Generally, this means wrestling with my fears of being enough and focusing squarely on the other person, leading conversations with "I don't know."

Most teams have all the experience they need. It's through breaking down those internal barriers where real growth happens.

I firmly believe that my ability to build comes from dancing with my fear of the unknown and leading with my curiosity once I do.

I had the pleasure of working with Adam as his manager, mentor, and fellow product person during his time at Philosophie. He is incredibly thoughtful and is always trying to understand the real reason why things are the way they are. This is very helpful when we are considering where the most leverage is in a system to solve key problems for customers! | Chris B., Product Manager @ Facebook

My experience

When I build, I focus on the entirety of the experience, specifically, "who it is for?" and "what it is for?"

This point of view means I opt for the following:
Story over Features
Value over Speed
Research over Ego
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Director  Product
Jul 2018 — Dec 2019
Product Strategist
Feb 2017 — Feb 2018
Arcade School
Feb 2016— Feb 2017
Jun 2010 - Jan 2016
The Gamer Studio
Jun 2008 - Jun 2011 [Sold]
Adam is as great at managing people as he is at managing products. Under his mentorship, I grew significantly as a product professional and I witnessed the same growth in my teammates as well. His expertise and guidance allowed us to build out the product function and processes within Informed and institute a culture change within the company that will definitely be remembered for years to come.| Chrissy B., Product Manager @ Aha


Adam is an inspirational and outstanding communicator. He listens to genuinely understand. This is what makes him a brilliant coach and leader. Adam is a leader who makes leaders. He has accomplished a lot, he's incredibly busy and yet he makes time to mentor others as they leap. Adam asks thought provoking questions, he's sharp, and he helps others realize their goals. He might even be a bit magical too because, somehow after spending time with him, one can't help but leave feeling better, smarter and energized. Adam has compassion for people and a super positive attitude bringing his best self, no matter what he has going on otherwise. I am blessed to be a part of his tribe! | Valarie K., Executive Coach

Life As Usual

Life as Usual is a video series I created to help leaders operationalize what they hear through the ideas of Self-Awareness, Execution, and Direction. Free content designed to help you level up.

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If you're reading this recommendation you're probably considering working with Adam in some capacity. I couldn't think of a better guy for you to collaborate with. Adam is a deep thinker, a prolific writer, and a great person. His ability to connect the dots and formulate a plan are second to none. Sean O - Consultant


I enjoy sharing what I learn with folks - from product management, strategy, and leaderships - either to groups as workshops, an auditorium or one on one. I've chatted with groups, teams, and companies. Here are a few groups I've chatted with:

Adam led an inspiring session at StartingBloc on how to be creative every day. He motivated everyone in the room to unleash their passion and not let being "busy" get in the way of creating. His follow up was incredible - sending materials and reminder e-mails to push us to be accountable. He led by example; showing us how to get out of our own way and put our perspectives out into the world. | Rebekah K - COO