I'm Adam - I Lead Product Teams

I'm a product person and I help companies make more efficient software product teams.

When I'm not working on product, you can find me reading, writing, and synthesizing. I love a good music cover, and a fine liquor.

Want to work together - reach out to adam[at] theadamthomas.com - look down.

Adam sees in 8 dimensions. He appreciates both the big picture and the subtle details. Words matter. So does the UX. So does the model. And, at varying times, so do all the bits in between. Adam is sensitive to each layer, cares deeply about each layer and brings an uncommon level of intellectual integrity to his judgement of each layer, all without losing sight of the larger picture or the ability to prioritize the right layer at the right time. Trust Adam for insight, foresight, candor and (product) courage.

Eli Holder  - Founder | Product Executive


I focus on product strategy, positioning, and maximizing output as a product manager/leader. I've been featured on such blogs as Mind the Product, Product Craft and Product Marketing Alliance. [MORE WRITING]


Product management requires a multi-disciplinary ethic. It's a mix of hard skills like statistics and infrastructure - as well as psychology, ethics, philosophy and much more - I write about this on my blog here. [Explore the Blog]


Product isn't just about build vs buy, it's an ongoing conversation amongst stakeholders. I make content beyond writing to help illustrate that - to well as give folks an entry point that is digestible and actionable. [WATCH ON YOUTUBE]