Hi, I'm Adam.

I build product teams.

Generally, this means wrestling with my fears of being enough and focusing squarely on the other person, leading conversations with "I don't know."

Most teams have all the experience they need. It's through breaking down those internal barriers where real growth happens.

I firmly believe that my ability to build comes from dancing with my fear of the unknown and leading with my curiosity once I do.

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Current FTE:
Taking Coffee in NYC

Taking on an interesting problem? Let's have coffee to see if a director of product could be of service

Current Side Projects

Dinner w/ Product Leaders

Hit me on LinkedIn and swing on by - We're talking about product leadership.


Jamming. We're Jamming.

Spotify playlists for the people. I love music, let me share a couple of playlists you might enjoy.


Coaching Ruckusmakers to lead.

Seth Godin made altMBA, that helps leaders level up. I'm blessed to coach new leaders.


My experience

I love teams that are on the path of growth. The last few years, I've been a lead in product, doing both strategist work and directing a product team. In the past, I've been a founder, engineer, and journalist among other things.

Director  Product
Jul 2018 — Dec 2019
Product Strategist
Feb 2017 — Feb 2018
Arcade School
Feb 2016— Feb 2017
Jun 2010 - Jan 2016
The Gamer Studio
Jun 2008 - Jun 2011 [Sold]


I enjoy sharing what I learn with folks - from product management, strategy, and leaderships - either to groups as workshops, an auditorium or one on one. I've chatted with groups, teams, and companies. Here are a few groups I've chatted with: